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The company is located in Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, covering an area of 30 acres, with convenient transportation and complete supporting facilities.

ATA IMS  GZ  Co.,Ltd
Company has two major product categories: high-performance fiber composite equipment and advanced composite innovation hub..

ATA IMS  GZ  Co.,Ltd.
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ATA IMS  GZ  Co.,Ltd.
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ATA IMS  GZ  Co.,Ltd.
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main business
【Winder series; High-performance fiber equipment series; Plastic woven equipment series】
Product Application
Friction Tension Creel
Model ACC-15
Tension control range 150-1000g
Tension control accuracy ≤±8%
Work Speed According to user equipment speed
Product Application

Applied for Carbon fiber, Aramid fiber, Hi-PE fiber, basalt fiber, glass fiber, tire cord and other special fiber… no motor, tangential unwinding;

Structure and composition:

It consists of four parts: frame body, spindle, tension control and thread guide; the spindles are arranged in a double-sided structure and Arrange by rectangle..

Technical characteristics

1. Non-driven unwinding, the weight of the spindle is 5-15kg;
2. Centralized tension control, the control accuracy is within ±8%;
3. A variety of yarn guiding systems, small damage to the thread, the same thread width, the yarn does not touch each other, does not turnover and twist;
4. Simple spindle shaft structure, convenient for the loading and unloading of spindle, which can greatly save the time of replacing spindle;

工作速度 根据用户设备速度
张力控制范围 150-1000克
张力控制精度 ≤±8%
纱管内径 Φ76、Φ94
纱管长度 290、350mm
纱管材质 纸管、塑料管
绿锭外径(最大) 300mm
往复长度 150-250mm
纱锭重量(最大) 15公斤
纱锭数量 6-1000锭
设备颜色 根据客户要求而定

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