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【Winder series; High-performance fiber equipment series; Plastic woven equipment series】
circular loom Asiastar-8M
Model Asiastar-8M
Fold width 1150-1500mm DFL
Shuttle number 8pcs
Weft insertion (max.) 960ppm
The circular loom aims to achieve high-efficiency and high-tech knitting. It is suitable for continuous production and knitting of PP or HDPE yarns, and is specially used for 3m tarpaulin products.

The main machine consist

Qty                                                       Description

1    Main machine                                                                                             

l 24 sets of heddle belt  + heddle wire, 22 of heddle wires stations in each group, totaling 528 pcs.

l Rolling reed structure is beneficial to the oil-free fabric, enhances the film coating effect, and meets the requirements of food-grade products.

l The main motor Siemens variable frequency drive.

l With automatic refueling cup, you can set the refueling time and fueling amount on the control screen.

4   Shuttle        

l The shuttle is equipped with an automatic weft yarn tension control device.

l The shuttle is equipped with front and back Block yarn plate, Max.can loading 110mm diameters weft yarn.

1    Circular loom control system                                              

Circular loom central computer control system can be used

  Adjust the weft density

  Set the length of the Fabric

  Order order

   Manually operate the lifting system without turning it on and provide the following device parameter indications:

l 4 file automatic meter

l Run time calculation

l Change roll / cloth roll indication

   Equipment Evaluation System

The module determines the following additional parameters for each class and evaluates:

l Running time of the device

l The number of warp yarn breaks

l Number of weft yarn breaks

l Frequency of weft yarn use up

l The weft yarn can be precisely adjusted in the open/stop state to optimize the fabric surface effect.

l The above instructions are available in two languages (English/Chinese), with metric or imperial (inch) systems

 2    Creel

l 2 creels total 512 stations

l The creel is designed according to the warp yarn spindle and can be loaded with a spindle with a diameter of 160mm.

Note: Not include Bobbin

1    Electrical configuration                            

   Lighting device

l Equipment is equipped with 2 sets of 18W LED lighting tubes

   Heat sink

l Not Equipped cooling fan in Tension frame.

l But the fan interface and switch are reserved in the control cabinet.

   Let-off system

l A total of 2 feed rollers, ensure that the warp yarns are smoothly fed into the main machine and maintain the real-time tension average.

l Each let-off motor is controlled by load cell + Inverter control let-off motor. Let-off roller control by Let-off motor.

   Take-up system

l Weft density is set by the circular loom main control system.

l Take-up motor 0.37 KW power driven by a frequency converter.

  Central drive system

l Through the V belt by three-phase inverter control motor (two-stage transmission) driven CAM rotation control over and drive the shuttle.

l Main motor power is 2.2 KW

   Weft yarn detection

l It is equipped with a photoelectric sensor and a proximity switch to control the weft yarn together and stop automatically when the weft yarn used up.

l It is recommended to use black bobbin for best effect.

Remarks: Please use light colored tube for black yarn!

  Warp yarn break detection system

l Each warp yarn is length compensated by tension adjuster and automatically stops the machine when yarn breaks.

l The warp yarn breakage has an indicator light, and the 4 groups of indicator lights are distributed around the equipment.

   Weft yarn break detection system

l 1 sets of magnetic sensors monitor the weft yarn. In case of broken weft yarn, it will stop the machine automatically.

   Button boxes

l There are 4 sets of button boxes around the main machine for easy operation. Each control box have inching button, stop buttons and start buttons; all are Schneider brand.

1    Fabric winding device

l A friction type winding device is equipped with a load cell, which is controlled by a 0.37KW inverter, and the winding motor is a 1.8NM torque motor.

l We offer a 3″ roll core (standard size).

Remarks: 4".6" roll core can be selected - need to be customize

1    Bobbin saving                                     

   There is a platform on each side of the circular loom for placing the bobbin.


* according to equipment requirements

We reserve the right to modify the technical parameters due to the continuous improvement of equipment technology.

Technical Parameter
Shuttle/ machine 8pcs
Weft insertion (max.) * 960ppm
Working width 1150 – 1550mm
Weft density 20 – 40 /10 cm
No. of warp tapes 1152pcs
Bobbin inside diameter ** 38mm
length of bobbin **    220mm
Warp bobbin diameter(Max.) 160mm
Weft bobbin diameter(max.) 110mm
Winding roll diameter(Max.)    1200mm
*Is determined by the yarn’s quality, size and density.
** Please specify if there is any special requirements
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